IRCurb In this example, we will use a driveway that is sunken along the curb line. The process is the same for all infrared repairs, only different size machines may be used for different sized repairs.
Small IR A specially designed Infrared heater (such as the one pictured at left for small repairs or the one pictured at the top of the previous page for larger repairs) is placed over an area to be repaired. The heater produces infrared light which penetrates the asphalt surface evenly heating it to a working temperature of 300-350 degrees in about 8-10 minutes.
IRRake The heated asphalt is then scarified or loosened with a metal asphalt rake.
IRLevel Fresh asphalt is added as needed to bring the area up to grade (up to the height of the curb in this case) and is raked or luted level.
IRCompact A vibratory plate compactor or single drum roller is then used to compact the area creating a seamless repair.
IRDone Upon completion the repaired area will typically be darker in color and may have a different texture if the surrounding pavement has been previously sealed. By sealcoating the repaired area, the is no color difference and only a slight texture difference.